The house in Amityville has become the stuff of legend... the basis for several best selling books and smash-hit movies, which captivated an entire generation. The ordeal that occurred to the Lutz family during their 28 days in Amityville has become the most famous and controversial haunting case in history. Branded a hoax, George Lutz was involved in several lawsuits throughout his lifetime in an attempt to tell even one day of his family's story accurately. Eventually he quietly stepped out of the public eye.

In 1999, producer Dan Farrands located Mr. Lutz living in Las Vegas, and approached him with the idea of producing a documentary about the haunting, which aired on the History Channel in the United States. The two-part series shed new light on the facts surrounding the Defeo murders and the Lutz haunting, and once again captivated the public's fascination with the paranormal. In 2000, Tim Yancey, a friend of George Lutz's began recording several hours of lectures, private interviews and personal discussion between the two regarding the haunting. Together George and Tim created this website, a final attempt for Mr. Lutz to accurately discuss the events which occurred to him and his family during those 28 days. Mr. Lutz passed away suddenly on May 8th, 2006.

This is his story... the true events of the most famous haunting in America.

"It's my prayer that no one in this room tonight ever go through such a thing" - George Lutz